Hazardous waste is waste whose composition, quantity and properties has potential threats to human health and the environment, possess one or more properties which designate it as hazardous waste and / or contain components that make it hazardous waste and / or is defined as such according to Annex No. 3, para 1, item 12 of the Additional Provisions of Waste Management Law and Annex 1 of the Basel Convention on the Control of transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposal.

The most common hazardous waste that is generated is:

  • contaminated packs used to work with protective clothing, used cleaning filters, spent liquids;
  • sludge generated by the treatment of contaminated sites and plots;
  • varnishes, paints and thinners and agents regenerating their properties used in the working process
  • substances of a hazardous nature contained in waste of an inorganic or organic type
  • mercury and mercury containing elements and compounds, lamps, thermometers and rectifiers of various types, which are waste from mercury containing products;
  • wasted materials, salts and sludges containing waste materials such as cyanide and its derivatives;
  • solvents and residues resulting from their use in chemical workshops for cleaning and treatment.

The company provides integrated services in the management of hazardous waste:

  • ADR transport (carriage, loading, transhipment, unloading)
  • Safe temporary waste storage (waste storage from the collection to treatment).
  • Pre-treatment (mechanical) of hazardous waste.
  • Pre-treatment of liquid waste by ultrafiltration.
  • Recycling or recovery of metallic packages containing or contaminated with dangerous substances.
  • Recovery / regeneration of solvents
  • Recovery (thermal - use of waste mainly as a fuel or other way of generation of electricity).

One of the best methods for the recovery of hazardous wastes is their burning in the cement plants in Bulgaria and generation of electricity, as our partners are leading companies for waste end-use in the area.

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